1. FaNt0m

    Help with Sequoia

    My sequoia started wilting and turning brown about two weeks ago, I’m in AZ and the weather just started changing to cold nights. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  2. Ferg91

    Judas tree, & 3 species of redwood stratification/germination

    Hello I currently live in St. Louis Missouri in USA. Six months into doing bonsai‘s and thus far I have been unable to germinate any Judas. I am roughly 1 for 100 in the redwood area. (Still alive but accidentally burn the starting leaf’s, growth is extremely slow but fully recovered from...
  3. Mr.Dr.K

    Redwood/Giant Sequoia repotting?

    Hello. I was hoping i'd be able to get some advice on if now is too late to repot a Redwood or a Giant Sequoia. I'm hoping to stop by my local nursery within the next week and see if they have any young stock of one of the species. I have seen the Giant Sequoia there in the past with roots...
  4. Matt_The_Mann

    New to just about everything

    Hi all! A gentleman I work with piqued my interest in the art of bonsai when he started talking about growing some giant sequoias the other day. I admittedly got pretty excited and ordered myself a pair of Sequoia Sempervirens with the hopes of making my own mini redwood forest at home without...
  5. RileyJFDB13


    Hello All, This pass week I have been at Yosemite National Park and I tried to take pictures when possible that some may draw inspiration from. Here are those photos: Root on rock, Crazy redwood Jin, Natural Clump styles Top that has died off and branch that took over.
  6. L

    Sequoia care in southeast US

    During a trip to Oregon, I acquired a Sequoia seedling. Potted it up and it seemed to enjoy the winter here. It will always have to be a container plant, so it'll probably be trained as a bonsai at some point. Now that it is starting to get closer to summer, I'm concerned about the little guy...
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