sequoiadendron giganteum

  1. G

    Giant Sequoia Cuttings?

    Hey Guys My Father in law owns a part of a Forest which i will take over one day. It's a coniferous forest and the 'highlights' are 2 young Giant Sequoias. Where i live, the forests have been suffering quite a lot from bark beetles in recent years sadly. We found out that Giant Sequoias are...
  2. BenBSeattle

    My Battle to repot with a Giant Sequoia Nursery Stock

    I Found this Sequoia Giganteum (Sequoiadendron giganteum ) at a local Nursery here in Washington State. The staff person told me it was brought in by a customer and needed a new pot desperately. The battle that ensued to get it into a Bonsai Pot nearly broke me. =) The lower bottom of the...
  3. Emanon

    Seeking Inspiration: Styles (plural) of a Giant Sequoia?

    Hi! I was hoping to get some advice on where to cut a trunk (or how to style a tree) and overcome an initial, ugly, cut that I made before I had even the slightest idea what I was doing. (Just to clarify: I still don't have the slightest idea :)...) The tree is a giant sequoia or...
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