1. W

    Why are my trunks spiral?

    Hey, I have these two trees, a Chinese Elm and a Japanese maple, and I noticed that both have this spiral bend of the trunk, however a lot of the trees I see online do not have this bend. Is it a custom to create these shapes, or am I justified in finding it slightly tacky and unnatural?
  2. proninyaroslav

    What is the best season for bending cherry and crabapple trunk?

    Hello everyone. I have some mahaleb cherry and crabapple seedlings and want to give their trunks a dramatic shape while they are still flexible. What is the best season to do it: in spring or early fall? I live in a fairly cold climate, the temperature in greenhouse can drop to -5C. Heavy bends...
  3. ajm55555

    Tips on improving the overall shape of a Prunus Incisa

    I'd like your thoughts and tips on how to improve the general shape of this young tree. What would you cut, leave grow, shorten, etc... Thank you! :-)
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