1. electraus

    Rebleaching naturally occurring deadwood on a Utah juniper

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on here and I have no idea if I’m putting it in the right category, but I’m working on my first collected Utah juniper and it’s got some nice naturally occurring deadwood features. Unfortunately, as I was cleaning the flaky bark off of the trunk and branches...
  2. skjohnson37

    Styling jin on Peter Tea redwood

    I recently acquired this tree from Peter Tea, and absolutely love it. My question is about the jin. The hard chop seems a different look to the soft curves of the branches and trunk. Should I do anything to the jin? And styling or carving or dremel work? I have patience but no knowledge or...
  3. L

    Lorax7 Shimpaku Juniper #4 progression

    Forgot to take a “before” picture. I’ve had this Shimpaku for a year or two but hadn’t previously done anything to it besides repotting and creating a few jin. Started on creating some shari and wired up a few of the branches to get some movement in them while it’s still relatively easy to do...
  4. Fishtank307

    Yamadori needle juniper

    I want to start sharing the progression of this large yamadori Tosho. I got it last year (for free!), from someone who bought it about 7 years, styled it, but then quit the hobby all together. She wanted this tree to be in good hands, rather than letting it die in her garden. When I got it, the...
  5. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Privet Yardadori Loads of Deadwood, What to do? (ligustrum ovalifolium)

    My first time collecting somewhat of an actual tree, rather than a tiny sapling. Lots of carving to do in the future, I'm sure! This lovely lady let me dig up her privets that were clinging on to the bank, for free! I stuck one in a box and the other two were joined so put into a crate, as I...
  6. A

    Inspiring trees around me

    this tree in my backyard has the best twisty branches. I’m pretty sure that the owner grafted one or two of branches because they’re a different bark and growth type but the way they grow is wild. One of the main trunks also snapped off during ice storm Urie last year and is a great asymmetric...
  7. LeoMame

    Akamatsu yamadori - shari, resin, questions/doubts

    Hello everyone, I start this thread because I was a bit unsuccessful in finding info about this. I recently acquired a Japanese Red Pine, of yamadori origin, with a spectacular shari that runs over the whole lenght of the trunk (I will follow with some pictures). The question I have for you is...
  8. ThornBc

    Hollow Cercidiphyllum stump

    This Cercidiphyllum japonicum stump spent several years in a corner of the back yard in the garden centre where I work, and for the last 3 I've been watching it rot, hoping it would gain character. The owner told me I can have it, and to show him what I can do with it, so I started some work on...
  9. Saddler

    Hinoki Cypress, is it a cascade style?

    I have had this tree a year and a half. I repotted it last spring and took it to my club last month to get tips on how to style it. Did I ever. This is how it turned out. before: Today Once the wire is off, I'll start work on refining the jins. Any suggestions for a pot? I...
  10. RileyJFDB13


    Hello All, This pass week I have been at Yosemite National Park and I tried to take pictures when possible that some may draw inspiration from. Here are those photos: Root on rock, Crazy redwood Jin, Natural Clump styles Top that has died off and branch that took over.
  11. ColinFraser

    $35 Trunk

    I picked up this japanese maple at a landscape nursery on my way home from work this evening . . . at a reduced price because it's damaged ;) So am I - we should get along fine.
  12. Taxus baccata

    Taxus baccata

    Taxus baccata - Started training since 2004. Height: 40 cm - Pot: John Pitt (UK)
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