sharp's pygmy

  1. Scrogdor

    Sharps Pygmy project

    This is actually my last purchase 😂. Just a nursery stock one and seems appropriate for my lighting conditions. There is a graft but the union is smooth and I could always air layer it. Was hoping to get some help with the choosing of the front. Think I’m leaning towards 1 or 2. Have some...
  2. P

    Sharp's Pygmy Maple

    I obtained this Sharp's Japanese Maple stock last year from a local nursery and it underwent its first styling during the Fall. At the end of Fall I decided that the maple needed a better secondary structure and potentially better development of primary branches. This year I will allow about...
  3. Jiminsauga

    Lakeside Sharp's Pygmy

    Hi all, With spring fast approaching up here in southern Ontario it's time I start making some hard decisions on this pygmy. I picked it up at the end of last season at my LGC called Lakeside, hence the title name. The tree has two main dominant trunk lines so I've used Peter Chan's paperbag...
  4. Sharps Pygmy Japanese Maple - First Repotting - 4-1-2020.jpg

    Sharps Pygmy Japanese Maple - First Repotting - 4-1-2020.jpg

    First repotting of my new Sharp's Pygmy Japanese Maple. Ready for training in the Kaikou School of Bonsai.
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