shimpaku juniper cuttings

  1. T

    How to pruning the juniper

    Hello everyone, I'm rooky of bonsai that interested shimpaku bonsai. Could you recommend about how to prunning the juniper to be a vigorous bonsai Thank you for your advice.
  2. S

    Shimpaku Juniper Cuttings - Will they survive?

    Hi.. I planted these cuttings from bonsai tree two weeks. The cuttings have changed to this colour. The cutting was dipped in rooting powder before planting in akadama soil and used tea leaves. Will they survive?
  3. Woody Carverton

    WTB Shimpaku Juniper cuttings

    Trying to start a few thousand shimpaku's from now through mid spring for our massive garden project. Interested in getting as many cuttings as possible (rooted or not rooted, I'll take them fresh if you can box them with wet paper towel or peat moss). Probably not many of you cutting/trimming...
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