1. M

    Shin-deshojo nursery stock

    Hi to all, so I have this shin deshojo maple that I want to bonsai, it’s from nursery stock, what would be the best course of action .
  2. ptrickc


    Hi guys. Longtime lurker on bnut but friends with @PA_Penjing and he said people have been looking for one of these.. Sold a few things on the fb auction and wanted to sell my shindeshojo jm I bought from Brent a few years ago and wondered if there wasn’t a better home with someone here. I’d be...
  3. 20200831_160534 (1).jpg

    20200831_160534 (1).jpg

    Acer Palmatum Deshojo
  4. Olific

    Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo - Weeds

    I found these little weeds growing in the pot around my Shindeshojo and was wondering what the best course of action was.
  5. Olific

    Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo - Aphids

    Three weeks ago I ventured out and bought this nice Shindeshojo from a local Bonsai retailer. I was looking through their selection for a tree with potential but that had already been grown out a little bit. This tree was out back with a host of other impressive trees. It immediately caught my...
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