shortleaf pine

  1. R

    Rosepastry:Pinus Echinata progression

    My short needle seedlings have survived a few years so I am I am putting them on here to see how this progresses (and hold myself accountable). I also like looking at progressions with pictures so hopefully I will get better at taking them for this thread. 0: I dug a square bricked the edges of...
  2. nutshell

    (5yr Native Tree Challenge) Nuttshell's Shortleaf Pine

    Here is my first entry for the 5yr Native Tree Challenge, a Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata). This one's leader had died back giving plenty of options for direction. After cleaning it up I was happy to see a nice bend down low, but the nebari doesn't look too promising. Spring repot will tell...
  3. R

    Poisonous Pines and Care For Pines

    I have asthma and a lot of allergies too nature. So, 3/4ths of the bonsai kit my mom got cannot be used, the bonsais cause inflammation. I really like pines though and want one that grows it's own pinecones. 1) Is it possible too do so? 2) How tall does it need too be to grow pinecones? 3)...
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