siberian elm bonsai

  1. Hartinez

    ROR Siberian Elm

    Figured this little cutie deserved its own thread. Started in may of 2020 from a seedling collected in Abq’s Bosque. 2020. Left to grow and set some branches with a pretty typical bonsai shape (which may not have been the best decision). It grew well as all elms here do. 2021. Unearthed...
  2. Hartinez

    More big elms

    Scouted and chopped these Siberian elms last summer. I went and dug them this spring and they took much longer to push than most other Siberian I have. I haven’t seen bark on Siberian this color and density. Now that they’ve started to push growth it’s off to the races! Thread grafts will be...
  3. Hartinez

    Large collected Elm

    Hey all. New thread time. I conveniently left the type of elm off the title because these get a bad wrap. In some cases rightfully so, but I’m finding them more and more enjoyable as they thrive in my climate and are everywhere. I have also had great success in not losing branches randomly...
  4. Hartinez

    Harts Shohin Trash Elms

    Thought I’d start a thread on what I consider to be itchy bonsai trigger finger relievers. I’ve seen several people ask, “what keeps you the busiest in your garden?”. For me it’s my elms. I’ve got several varieties but have more Siberian Elms than anything else. Not because Siberian elm is...
  5. Hartinez

    New Mexico’s trash tree, the Siberian elm....progression

    The Siberian Elm, that ubiquitous, funky, half dead tree on every corner and empty lot of not only New Mexico but a number of states. I was just reading that 25 states have it listed as an invasive and 3 states heavily regulate the propagation. In the 1930’s mayor Tingley of Albuquerque...
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