1. Wild Black Cherry bonsai

    Wild Black Cherry bonsai

    Collected in 2020
  2. Fishtank307

    Mugo pine with drop branch

    I scored this very nice mugo pine yesterday. The previous owner styled and maintained it for 11 years. Before wiring: After clean-up, light pruning and wiring: Backside: Shari: Will repot this spring
  3. parhamr

    Western Hemlock progression

    At the end of 2016 I got an inexpensive Western Hemlock from a BSOP auction. The tree was in a 1-gallon nursery can. It was fairly tall and straight and I’m going with that as the design, envisioning this as a mountain tree on top of a rocky outcropping or at the edge of a break in the woods. I...
  4. Fishtank307

    Yamadori Scots pine

    Last week I purchased this Scots pine. It was collected last spring in France. It's in good health, loads of buds popping up, even in the interior of the canopy. What attracted me was the nice movement in the base, deadwood and the long, elegant trunk. There are a lot of finer branches to work...
  5. parhamr

    Western Hemlock progression

    I bought a Western Hemlock prebonsai from a Bonsai Society of Portland silent auction in mid 2016. I forget the final price but I believe it was around $30. February 2017, top center In the 2017 growing season I let some of the lower branches run to put on vigor and girth. September 2017...
  6. parhamr

    Progression of Acer palmatum J

    This is another pre-bonsai gathered in 2012. I think I collected 30 that year. This tree can put on 3–6 feet of growth a year, like its siblings. April 2012 April 2014, repotted into individual 1-gallon nursery cans October 2015, it was repotted this year into a 3-gallon can January...
  7. ColinFraser

    Leaning Juniper Progression

    I'll lead off with a couple of photos to hook you, and then I'll fill in the gaps ;) May 2016: December 2016: Back in May I acquired this Juniper. It's one of the vigorous varieties of J. chinensis, most likely Prostrata. When I got it, there were a lot of brown tips and dead spots, but it...
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