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  1. Deep Sea Diver

    Requesting Information on media (soil) miles used of presentation (no critics please)

    Presently writing a bonsai media presentation. Thus I’m requesting some ground truth information on the main media mixes folks actually use. This data will be aggregated by geo area if enough comments come in. This data will lend some reality to the presentation. No names will be mentioned...
  2. Ferg91

    Bonsai water lily?

    I wanted to add a couple water lilies around the shrine of bonsai I have. I wasn’t completely sure if you can bonsai water lilies either way I had purchased a few hanging planters for aquatics and was going to put water lilies in them. currently awaiting a reply from CZgrain for exactly what...
  3. Deep Sea Diver

    Request for Information from folks with Evergreen Azalea bonsai

    Hi "Nuts! This thread is an open request for information for use in a revision of the Evergreen Azalea resource that we posted about a month ago. We're working on taking this to the next level of detail, especially in the area of horticulture and techniques and would like your help. (I will...
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