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  1. BuggsBalmer

    Dwarf Mugo Pine seeds

    Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice on sowing and germination of Dwarf Mugo Pine seeds in the southern hemisphere. It's a species I've been wanting to get for a while, but due to the laws and restrictions in place in South Africa, it's seriously hard to get any actual material. I've finally...
  2. KleinM

    Neglected Ficus Natalensis

    Hi guys! So I have this Natal ficus and it was severely neglected. No pruning or repotting has been done to it in over 10 years or so. It was very pot bound in a small circular pot (the surface roots are hardened of in a circular pattern) and was potted into its current pot at the beginning of...
  3. KleinM

    I started a YouTube channel

    Hi all! I started a YouTube channel in September called Klein Bonsai. I decided to make YouTube videos for three reasons. One: To document my trees and see their progress as they (and myself) grow in the coming years and 2: All the bonsai YouTube channels are from the Northern hemisphere and it...
  4. BuggsBalmer

    How necessary are greenhouses or related structures?

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I am in Grahamstown, EC, South Africa. We have a similar climate to the Cape with predominantly winter rainfall, although recently rainfall has been very sporadic and unpredictable as we're in a 5-year drought. I have recently moved...
  5. B

    South African Yellowwoods ( Podocarpus species) advice

    Good evening, i would like to hear whether anyone has any experience with working with Outeniqua yellowwoods (Podocarpus/Afrocarpus Falcatus) or the Real Yellowwoods (Podocarpus Latifolius)? How do they respond to trunk chopping? Do they backbud well when pruned back hard? When is the best...
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