south africa

  1. BuggsBalmer

    How necessary are greenhouses or related structures?

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I am in Grahamstown, EC, South Africa. We have a similar climate to the Cape with predominantly winter rainfall, although recently rainfall has been very sporadic and unpredictable as we're in a 5-year drought. I have recently moved...
  2. B

    South African Yellowwoods ( Podocarpus species) advice

    Good evening, i would like to hear whether anyone has any experience with working with Outeniqua yellowwoods (Podocarpus/Afrocarpus Falcatus) or the Real Yellowwoods (Podocarpus Latifolius)? How do they respond to trunk chopping? Do they backbud well when pruned back hard? When is the best...
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