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  1. Bonsilot

    Air Layering Thick T-Intersection Olive Branch

    I'm looking for advice on how to best airlayer a large T shaped branch on a European Olive (see photos). Questions below. Any tips or info on how long it will likely take would be greatly appreciated too. Here's my current plan: Make cuts on the branch at the red lines shown in the photos...
  2. L

    Bougainvillea Pruning

    I'm in Southern California and was gifted this Bougainvillea. I'm not just new to Bonsai, but gardening all together. I'm not sure when and what to prune. I see what seem to be some dry branches, but don't want to remove anything without really knowing what I'm doing. Online research has given...
  3. Bu-Jetjet

    Five-Year Native Tree Challenge: Bu-Jetjet's Ponderosa Pines

    Hello everyone! I just created my account today and the first thing that caught my eye was this Native Challenge. I collected a few Ponderosa Pines and California Junipers around the vicinity of Mammoth, Bishop, and Wrightwood CA during the late Fall - early Winter of 2019. That's what I am...
  4. Potsofgreen

    Are my oaks dead?

    Hello guys and gals new to the site but I’ve been lurking around on various posts for years just doing research and learning I’ve been into the hobby for years but this past year fully dived in with multiple trees and goals. I recently was able to acquire some coast live oaks (I live in SoCal)...
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