species id

  1. proninyaroslav

    Help identify trees

    Hello everyone! I have two trees, maybe someone knows what are these species? 1) Young shoots are red, with slight pubescence like a felt 2) (Bird cherry?) Shoots slightly pubescent with short hairs
  2. C

    Help Identifying

    Hey everyone - please could you help me identify the species of my Bonsai Tree. thank you in advance. Also any care and maintanance tips and what fertiliser to use? thank you.
  3. Forest Bean

    Help? Unidentifiable Collection

    I collected this tree in the Clarksburg and Fairmont area of West Virginia. Lots of hills and mountains. I really have no clue what species it is. I have been searching all over the internet for something close to it. Lots of Beech grow where I dug it up, but I know it's not beech. The new...
  4. T

    Tree ID

    This tree was given to me this weekend. I was told it had been collected 3 years ago and nothing done with it since. It was collected in Oklahoma from a field owned by a bonsai collector. So I don't know if it's native or if it was planted intentionally for the purpose of later being dug up. I...
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