spider mites

  1. Clicio

    Should I give up on my Japanese Quince? It is sick, help needed.

    After one year caring for this Chaenomeles in training, and having fought against spider mites during the end of the summer, I am lost to why it is still behaving badly this winter. It bloomed in Autumn. It didn't drop its leaves in the Fall. Leaves are losing their green color, chlorosis like...
  2. Shaolo

    Gardenias with spider mites

    Hello, I have a couple of gardenias that are very important to me. Unfortunately they have been attacked by spider mites (diagnosed by local nursery). I did one treatment of malathion but wasn’t terribly ecstatic with it and swapped to talstar p. I’ve also added EB Stone Rhody food. I have a...
  3. j evans

    Need a Doctor

    I have another thread for my burning bush but thought more views would be possible in a new thread. I am guessing that these are spider mites? Confusing that you can see them, the black but what is the white? Do you just wash these off or I have some fungicide that says it is for spider mites...
  4. O

    My Juniper Might be Dying on Me.. Help!

    I purchased a couple, really good looking Juniper bonsais back in December, and they were healthy as can be.. My original post: http://www.bonsainut.com/threads/juniper-newbie-here-any-advice-welcome.21337/ However, as the weather has turned warmer, I've noticed that my Juniper has turned...
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