spiny black olive

  1. Barbells and bonsai

    Bucida Spinosa update

    During the winter we had temperatures in the 40’s, I think this caused the leaves to turn brown/yellow and thin out but now that summer is here the color is changing back to green and there are new buds all over. I decided on cascade style and am going to reorientate the angle and prune when I...
  2. Barbells and bonsai

    Bucida spinosa

    Hello all, South Florida rookie who recently got my first bonsai tree after being interested for years. I was told it is a black olive but the nursery didn’t know how old it is or when it was reported. Being new to this I don’t I know much about pruning but did read that I should remove small...
  3. LeftHandLuke

    Any Hope for Bucida Spinosa (Spiny Black Olive)?

    I adopted this Bucida Spinosa from PR back in June. Probably should have waited a while before repotting but I'm a moron and that's what us morons do, so sue me. After potting, it defoliated pretty quickly but then new small buds erupted very nicely right where you'd want them to be, But those...
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