1. Hartinez

    Spirea Japonica “magic carpet”

    Thought I’d start a thread of this little spirea I picked up in spring. Early may to be exact. $23 I think. It’s development has been swift and has been very pleasing to watch. The new leaf to mature leaf contrast is just lovely and the first set of flowered are beginning to set. I was...
  2. Clorgan

    Spirea japonica, very root bound... Thoughts?

    Hello all! Spirea japonica - sparkling champagne. On sale, cheap cheap cheap, looks to have a pretty cool trunk/nebari... Good clump? It's very root bound, digging a little to see what's there. Some leaves fine, some not in the best nick at all. Reckon it'll be alright in current soil...
  3. Aiki_Joker

    Spirea - repot now (end October) and cut back? Scotland UK

    I see there are quite a few threads here on spirea. This landscape potted specimen has been neglected in this shallow pot probably more than 4 years without repotting and was to be chucked out. I figured I'd take it. Its just lost all of its beautiful red autumn leaves. Not much foliage or...
  4. Shohin Spirea

    Shohin Spirea

    Fall color on my spirea. Really nice this year.
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