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  1. Carapace

    I am very confused about the birds nest spruce

    So, I got a a birds nest spruce from a nursery last winter, I wired it and pruned it and left it in the pot for the growing season, I was expecting 1 growth flush as it technically is a cultivar of norway spruce. Well, to my surprise it grew new shoots on 4 different occasions, I even pruned it...
  2. jszg

    Did I murder my DAS?

    Did some 'initial styling' mid-Oct. on an Alberta Spruce I picked up at Home Depot, had growth down to the trunk and fairly horizontal branches to go with the really thick trunk, so I figured it was worth a try (and 40 bucks...) The idea was to eventually get a krummholz windswept sort of plant...
  3. TrunkTickler

    Nursery Stock to Bonsai, Order of Steps

    Hello bnuts, I've been in the deep end of the bonsai world for a couple of years now and I'm still confused on what the general steps should be from going from nursery stock to bonsai? My general question is, should the roots be worked/reduced first or the foliage worked/styled first? Is it...
  4. Josiana

    Forgotten Nursery Stock Spruce

    We had a rather bad drought this summer, and a hosepipe ban, so nurseries are selling off all their stock. This tree must have sat outside behind a lot of other trees for at least a year. We had to dig the pot out of the ground, because the roots had grown out of the pot quite a bit. I dug...
  5. Joelshack2362

    Blue Spruce

    Hello all I’m new to Bonsai and I just got this tree for my birthday. I hope I didn’t do to much but I started to wire the branches in a downward direction. Please any feedback is welcome.
  6. Joelshack2362

    Baby blue eye spruce

    Hello I just got this spruce for a bday gift. I'm rather new to bonsai and I was wondering if there are any tips for spruce care? Any ideas for tree would be great feedback.
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