1. S

    How to start with wisteria

    I would like to grow myself a nice bonsai, but i don't really know where or how to start, i was thinking of propagating a wisteria bonsai because my grandmother has a big wisteria plant in her backyard and i think it's really beautiful.I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me how to...
  2. Csmdad

    Very super absolute beginnings

    Hi all. So I'm super-super-super-new to bonsai. I mean when I say new, I mean the "I don't even own a bonsai tree" type of super-new to bonsai, but hear me out. For the past 2 months (well... all of Nov and now over half of Dec) I've been studying bonsai. (Not totally "pinterest-study"...
  3. iHasaki

    Co-creation is key

    Hello there good folk, Some time ago I started looking for some bonsai starters/little tree’s. I didn’t think of connecting to others on forums. But when I found out, I liked the input on the different threats. First off I started looking at the interwebs to find out if there are some...
  4. milehigh_7

    Because I'm Lazy Starter Sale - NUTS ONLY

    I have way too many starters and I don't want to build any more benches right now. So here's what I'm gonna do. For one week (Until July 29) I'm gonna clear some space for Nut members only. Message me with your order and address and I will reply with your total and my paypal address. I will...
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