1. A

    Help with Stewartia decision

    Recently got this Stewartia Monadelpha and would love your advice as I’m thinking to achieve taper by doing a trunk chop, so would you do a whole saw diagonal chop below the 2 leaders? Or would you take leader #1 only? #2 only? Or just leave it and let ramification take care of the visible...
  2. Tums

    Should I buy this Stewartia?

    Came across this five gallon Stewartia pseudocamellia yesterday while out at a nursery. The price is $95 and the tree is slightly taller than me, so I would say 6-7 feet. Pros: Can see some radially arranged surface roots and the trunk is pretty thick at the base (forgot to measure but would...
  3. S

    Japanese Stewartia

    Hey Bonsai friends, I'm a bonsai owner and when I first got it as a gift it began to grow leaves really nicely. I have been watering it regularly to make sure the soil is moist and have kept it in the same place (quite a bright room with lots of natural light). However in the last two weeks the...
  4. Brian Van Fleet

    Stewartia Monadelpha

    I have always wanted a Stewartia, and in December 2018, I had the opportunity to dig one from a grower’s field in Georgia: Bare-rooted and washed off the Georgia red clay when I got it home: Potted: By late May, 2019, it was pretty strong, and clearly hadn’t skipped a beat from being dug and...
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