stone pine

  1. hemmy

    Urban Pine (Stone Pine?) or What the Hell was I thinking?

    I'm looking for some advice on pruning back a collected urban pine to balance the top with the remaining roots (and make it not so top heavy). A friend had a "6-inch" diameter pine in a container growing on a concrete slab that they had to get rid of, so I offered to take it. The diameter is in...
  2. B

    Stone Pines (Tips for a Conifer Newbie)

    Growth style, tips for a newbie in conifers/pines. I'm thinking of going for a flattened hokidachi. No, I'm not crazy, and i know that style is almost unheard of in most pines, but it is the natural shape of a Stone/Italian Pine, and i put what's natural for a mature specimen in the specific...
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