1. Ferg91

    Judas tree, & 3 species of redwood stratification/germination

    Hello I currently live in St. Louis Missouri in USA. Six months into doing bonsai‘s and thus far I have been unable to germinate any Judas. I am roughly 1 for 100 in the redwood area. (Still alive but accidentally burn the starting leaf’s, growth is extremely slow but fully recovered from...
  2. Ferg91

    Silver birch/mugo pine stratification/germination

    Hello I had tried the Mugo pine and Silverbirch stratification and germination before unfortunately with 0% success I was wondering if anyone has had any success and getting these little buggers to germinate. All info would be much appreciated thank you very much
  3. Ferg91

    Stratification/Germination Acacia&Sakura

    I’ve tried germinating acacia and Sakura seeds three times now from purchases on Amazon I now purchased more viable seeds from individuals on Etsy. I was just looking for other people who have successfully germinated these and to see if their method was different than mine thank you.
  4. Kane_

    Pine seed stratification

    Hello 👋 I collected some pine seeds when on holiday in Turkey (not sure exactly what kind of pine) I had a quick look online on stratification but found quite a range of answers on stratification times (if required at all for a tree native to warm climate)? Just wondering if any one has any...
  5. CherylMatthews

    Question about stratification process..

    Hi everyone. Just a quick question about the stratification process of growing bonsai trees. When putting seeds in a sealed plastic bag to put in the fridge for a period of time, does the bag need to be ventilated by putting holes in it or does it just need to be sealed? Thanks in advance and...
  6. H

    White Pine Stratification

    Hey all So I've purchased some JWP seeds from Sheffield and they arrived today. I have looked everywhere and found so many different answers on stratifying them. Looked up the info found on Prof Deno's paper on germination techniques, other articles I could dig up on google scholar on the topic...
  7. Elchubinebrae

    Stratification Advice

    Hi guys, new here to Bonsai nut. Ive got a few plants I've grown from seed that seem to be flourishing quite well, maybe cause of the fantastic Summer we've all enjoyed. I bought most of my seeds that don't require stratification but I somehow ended up with some Chinese Juniper seeds (late...
  8. Robert Vaida

    Japanese Black Pine seeds stratification

    Hello everyone I bought last week some Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese black pine) seeds. On the instructions says that I have to do a cold stratification of 2 months and plant them in spring. I assume it is a little bit too early to begin with the stratification now.... so what should I do with the...
  9. JoeR

    Cold Stratification of Seeds.... Fridge or Outside?

    As many of my threads have indicated, I am starting tons of Seeds this winter. Hopefully as you know, all seeds can benefit from cold stratification. Not necessary for some but germination rates do increase. So I have been reading M. Dirr's propagation manual (absolute MUST have for your book...
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