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  1. W

    Beginner styling advice (premna microphylla)

    Hello BonsaiNut, I'm a totally beginner, in fact this is my first tree and I never style any bonsai tree. I got this tree from nursery about 5 months ago, move it into a pot and leave it to grow there. All I do since then is light pruning only the branch that grow big leaves. Now the trunk...
  2. chlorine-queen

    Planning an approach to BRT over geode

    Some time back I got it in my head to try developing a RoR bonsai over a large geode and decided a BRT would best suit the look I had in mind. I found a nice rock first, and since I live in coastal Oregon where BRTs are nowhere to be found in brick and mortar stores, I ordered one from Wigert's...
  3. U

    Suggestions on shaping and wiring these Acer's?

    Still a beginner to maples, not sure if I should just let them grow for another year or to wire them including the branches? Anyone have a suggestion for what style to wire them into? The left one got moderate fire wind. Im in 7a climate zone.
  4. Roho1187

    New Chinese Juniper

    Hey Guys, Earlier this summer, I found this daubs frosted juniper in a corner at a local nursery and got it for half off. The only thing I’ve really done done is cut the dead stuff off and try nursing it back to health. I’m just going to let it be until next year. What direction do you think I...
  5. SmallTreeGuy

    Help styling Juniper with beautiful trunk

    Hello everyone! I’m in Texas, zone 8a. I’ve had this Parson’s juniper for about 2 years I I’ve let it recover for a couple of growing seasons, as I had given it a few pretty good insults since I bought it from nursery stock. (ie. changing potting angle, working roots and getting the king whips...
  6. NeyensNeuro

    Small windswept shimpaku juniper - initial styling

    Hey folks! I've dabbled in bonsai for about a year, but I'm pretty new to this forum. I bought a tiny shimpaku today and thought that the young, flexible tree would lend itself well to a windswept! My questions are: 1) Which side should be the front? There are two long branches on one side, a...
  7. Apex37

    Styling Suggestions for Nursery Juniper

    Kinda stumped on where to go from here on this nursery juniper. I’m fairly happy with the design, I’m just seeing two apexes becoming a problem here and could use some insight. Front: Another angle: Back: Other side of front:
  8. rollwithak

    Pomagranate - Looking for some nutty suggestions

    Hi Nutties, Just removed my pomagranate air layer yesterday, wondering what you guys think and what you would do with this design? I’m fairly new to the “split trunk” so who best to ask! Thank you in advance!!!
  9. N

    Developmental Indecesion re: My Wintergreen Boxwood. Need Suggestions!

    Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters in the art of bonsai. I am making my first thread on this forum, in need of advice regarding which direction I ought to take my newly-acquired "Wintergreen" Boxwood tree. I recently acquired this tree, along with a Serissa Japonica (which is doing...
  10. Likebull1

    Having a hard time with Hinoki Cypress styling

    This is my first Hinoki Cypress and I'm aware of the fact they don't back bud on old wood. This is why I'm having a hard time deciding which lower branch to remove. I see benefits with each but I'd like to hear some second opinions. Clearly both can't stay... Thanks! Also my first post here...
  11. Apex37

    Styling Advice for Tiger Bark Ficus

    So little back story on this tree: This mallsai was originally gifted to me by my mother-in-law about 3 years back. I had a little interest in bonsai at the time, but definitely not seriously learning up or anything. Last year I started deciding to become serious with bonsai and after she...
  12. T

    Ficus Benjamina restyling ideas

    Hello, I am looking for ideas to restyle a 20 yrs old ficus benjamina. The history is as follows - got the plant from a nursery as a pot with 4 straight stems 20 years ago - I fused the 4 trunks over the first few years - It almost almost completely dried 12 years ago, I cut all the deadwood...
  13. Deep Sea Diver

    Yamadori Mt Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) No. 1 The Twins

    Made a connection to acquire two Mt Hemlock groups. Both dug in the alpine areas somewhere outside Mt. Rainer park boundaries. Here’s the first, more straightforward project. (The other is more complex.) Two trunks and at least one seedling together. Height of the tallest twin 41”. Any...
  14. brennobonsai

    Help me to style my shohin juniperus bonsai

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted anything here because all my plants are still very small and thin and some were planted in the ground to thicken. But I still have some in my backyard like this Juniperus strickta (I don't know exactly). It's in this big pot but it's only in organic soil that...
  15. rollwithak

    Time for Decisions on the JBP

    Hi All, Looking for peoples opinions on where I should go with this from here. My inexperienced instinct tells me it’s about time to cut back. Or I could let this seasons flush come and thicken the trunk more, however I’m afraid the lower branching might start dying off. Pictures could be...
  16. G

    Opinions on styling new cork bark maple

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I have purchased a cork bark maple and I’m looking to hear peoples opinions on styling it as the more options to visualise/choose from the better Attached are the pics I have from the seller and I will take more Sunday when I pick it up paying £120 Trunk is...
  17. I

    Dwarf Jade Development

    Hello, Attached are a couple angled pictures of this P. afra specimen I picked up online. I have already structurally pruned it, but I have a hard time deciding the trunk like and when to prune. Also, how do I make the trunk line smooth from the stumps of previous cuts? Thanks!
  18. LunaticTree

    "Katsura" Maple and Larix

    Hello there! I am still relatively new to Bonsai, but I do know the basics by now. As for myself I am a Landscapegardener so it is nothing of a challenge to me to take care of special Flowers/Trees. I own quite a variety of Citrus plants and European Orchids, they are known to be quite...
  19. JuniperSol

    Tall Escambron Styling - Literati? Informal Upright?

    So I recently purchased this rather large Escambron that was collected from Puerto Rico about 8+ years ago from a gentleman in Florida. I do really like it (even if it doesn't follow the rules of Bonsai all the way), but could use some styling advice. I have gone ahead and started on some of the...
  20. BonjourBonsai

    Nursery dwarf mugo - now what?

    Found a new kind of "training pot" that fits this nursery dwarf mugo perfectly. It's actually a plastic serving bowl from Target for $8. Looks pretty good I think. . Here's where I get stuck. What's my vision for the tree? Where do I take it? With so many branches, I become paralyzed. I know...
  21. pstaboche

    Juniperus squamata styling advice

    New to bonsai and nervous about removing large branches. The first picture shows the slight S bend I'd like to use as the front but there's a branch (1) near the top that may detract from the trunk line. My bigger problem is the lower branches. I can't decide which ones to keep! Second picture...
  22. F

    How to style?

    Any idea on how I should style this Shimpaku?
  23. L

    Cracked Trunk while Wiring

    Hey I’m brand new to bonsai and I tried to wire the main trunk and it ended up cracking. Do you think this will heal? Also what type of bonsai is it?
  24. G

    Oak suggestions

    Hi all! I have come across a small oak tree that has grown in a unusual shape and was wanting some ideas on what to do with it? I believe it looks interesting with the trunk bending how it’s grown. I would like it shorter to start with so how far can I take it back with the tree still being...
  25. D

    Juniperus × pfitzeriana 'Sea Green' — Advice, styling and progression

    Just picked up some nursery stock. I was drawn to the lean in the trunk and wanted something to practice on. I would really appreciate some advice on this tree. It‘s not an ideal candidate, but I’m wondering what people suggest I do with it. How should I go about reducing length? It had a lot...
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