sucker growth

  1. SmallTreeGuy

    Is there any hope for budding?

    Hello all, A while back I posted about my collection of a Crape Myrtle that I collected from my yard. I’ve attached a picture of the 4 crapes that came from the larger tree. All 4 have roots and are wired into their boxes in a well draining mix. 2 of them seem to be doing well and the buds...
  2. ragenmoan

    Princess Persimmon shedding leaves

    Hello Folks! Interesting issue with only 1 of my many Princess Persimmon trees. Every year, in later part of summer, only this 1 tree sheds over 50% of its leaves. The dropped leaves have black veins. This has been happening for past 7 years. Tree was root pruned and transplanted 2 years...
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