1. A

    Where to buy good Pre Bonsai in Europe?

    So, basically I am feeling much better in my abilities and now I would like to try to use better quality material. Only looking for better material with better trunks and cared for better etc than typical nursery stock, not interested in yamadori...yet (however would like to learn how to...
  2. A

    Good Japanese bonsai tools?

    My cheap and terrible tools have recently broken and I think I should get some good tools. What are some good Japanese tool brands? Bonus points if I can get them from somewhere in the EU.
  3. BuggsBalmer

    Whirlwind UK Trip

    Hi everyone I live in South Africa, and have a well established set of bonsai nurseries and retailers that I visit for new materials. I happen to be in the UK at the moment (until the end of the month), and I've been blown away at the species and cultivars available just in the standard...
  4. apexmusic420

    Help getting ideas with styling this bonsai and repotting it soon. Any tips?

    So I bought this bonsai from Amazon 2 months ago and I'm starting to see new growth, I'm not sure what to do with it, do I let it grow for ramification or do I need to prune, the previous pruning was really sloppy, leaving half cut branches and half cut leaves. And tip would be great. I also...
  5. TreeJunkie

    Progression Forum?

    Would it be a good idea to have a forum dedicated to progression posts? I often wind up scrolling through other forums just looking for progressions. Thinking it would be nice to have a dedicated place to go and find them. Thoughts?
  6. Bonsai_Rookie

    Considering to grow a Snow Rose mostly indoors (From seed)

    Hello everyone! I am new to bonsai business and I am currently considering to attempt to grow a Snow Rose Bonsai mostly indoors **FROM THE SEED**. Location challenges: Canada, Quebec, close to Ottawa. Temperature: Constant around 68 degrees fahrenheit and 77 degrees fahrenheit (except in...
  7. Trigobontree

    I think I’m Bonsaing wrong, but it feels so “right”

    Hello everyone! I know that one of the biggest beginner mistakes is over styling trees. So I haven’t styled too much yet, but from what I have done, I don’t think I’m doing it the “correct” way. But I’m ok with that. I’m trying to follow the rules, but for the most part I’m just trimming and...
  8. rhuarc

    Cryptomeria Japonica ‘Elegans’

    Hello everyone I’m new to bonsai and would love some suggestions. Most of you (if not all) have more experience with this amazing art than I do so any input would be appreciated! I found this cryptomeria japonica ‘elegans’ at a local nursery here in Covington, Washington State. I don’t know if...
  9. Oceanman113

    Style Suggestions on this huge Yew

    I found this Yew tree being discarded by a landscaper. I’ve had it potted for 2 months and it’s doing well, new growth. I took it to experiment and practice drastic bending on, but I’m still a rookie and was curious if anyone had any advice on styles that could work for this Yew. I know it’s...
  10. I

    Little maple bonsai

    So i was at the nursery and I found this cute little maple, I couldn’t but buy it (15euros!!!) but now i was wondering if it should be repotted or if its ready to be wired? Thanks, izzy
  11. Biophilumia

    Saving 3 Boxwoods (eventually, hopefully for bonsai?)

    Location: Central Pennsylvania I should start by saying I'm completely new to bonsai... so, there was a small boxwood shrub in my grandparents garden, and I've been REALLY wanting to get into bonsai for like, years now, and I overheard the gardener talking about how the other small boxwoods...
  12. G

    Advice on dwarf pomegranate

    This is a dwarf pomegranate I've owned for about 10 years with the hopes of making it into a bonsai. now that the kids are a little older nd somewhat on autopilot I've actually got time to work on it. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to proceed from here.
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