Marlberry sumo wrestler project

    So this all started way before I got serious into bonsai,,, before I ever collected a tree or thought about making my own trees from what I have growing around the yard or city. There is always at least 1 or 2 trees that piss you off when doing yard work.. you know the ones growing in funny...
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    Could I get some direction on a laurel oak?

    I’ve just acquired this, but I can’t find much information on how I can over winter this in my temperature zone(4b). I’m not quite sure how to go about starting to style it either. I have a couple of ideas, but I would greatly appreciate any help!
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    Sumo Privet Ligustrum 14" Base

    I dug this tree out about 6 weeks ago. Took 4 weeks for buds to appear. Freebie on Craigslist. Last picture, where the lizard is at, is a new bud popping. Hoping for another bud higher up. But this will do if not. I'm amazed at the healing calluses already. These trees are trully indestructible...
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