1. NeyensNeuro

    Sun after shimpaku repot

    Hi folks, I repotted my first shimpaku the other day! I'd had it for a year in the original (small) nursery pot, and I knew that it was time for a repot. The roots had wrapped around the container. My question is about the amount of sunlight that is appropriate for shimpaku. I did minimal root...
  2. A

    Korean Hornbeam Sun Damage or Underwatering?

    Yesterday I noticed the leaves on my Korean Hornbeam having crinkled up a bit. I have not been protecting it from the sun and it gets full sun from midday to the evening. It was relatively hot yesterday for San Francisco, but still only 72 F at the hottest. I am putting together a shade and wind...
  3. I

    First post concerning placement of dwarf jade

    I have a dwarf jade . I have shelf in front of a east facing window, it's a great spot in terms of viewing the bonsai. it receives sunlight diffused from behind a large tree in my backyard. Today I moved it out to my deck to get some more sunlight but I am concerned about a couple things. 1...
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