1. Drekula

    Liquidamber trunk chop

    Hi guys, I saw this liquidamber (sweet gum) and couldn’t resist its unique trunk shape. Im satisfied with the current trunk thickness and am thinking of doing a trunk chop to start developing more taper after the first bend. This is my first deciduous tree and I want to make sure I’m doing...
  2. Sweetyness

    Help Repotting 70+ Year Old Liquid Amber (Sweetgum)

    So excited to find this forum! Before I ask for advice, I would like to share the history of this tree, and a little about my experience with Bonsai. Spring of 2021 I was gifted a large Liquid Amber bonsai tree from my beloved cousin living in Newport Beach, CA. She passed away that Sept...
  3. Dragon60

    Sapling Division: Dragonmaster's Sweetgum forest

    A few years ago I dug up a small Sweetgum sapling that I thought was a maple (I recently realized that it was a Sweetgum). Where I collected it from there was a mature Sweetgum tree nearby but there were also maple trees in the area. It needed to be chopped so about a year and a half ago I cut...
  4. Apex37

    Do Oriental Sweetgum Air Layer Well?

    I couldn't find a whole lot online and what I could find was about our American Sweetgum and people having little success with air layers. I have a decent amount of this trunk I'm planning to chop and thought I could possibly air layer it off. Anybody else have success with this or thoughts?
  5. Apex37

    Liquidambar Orientalis - Oriental Sweetgum #1

    This is tree #2 from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks. Really nice size for the price, decent size trunk and decent movement. I am considering cutting down drastically to maybe the red line. Any thoughts? Not sure if that would be too drastic or what. Also wasn't sure the best time to make such a...
  6. thomas22

    New Field Maple

    I picked up this Maple Friday at a Nursery Sale for $45. This will be my first real maple (besides a stick in a pot maple) so I am looking for some advise. I've done some research and believe this is a field Maple, Acer Campestre and was pleased to see they can make good bonsai. My first...
  7. liquidambar orientalis before working

    liquidambar orientalis before working

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