1. ochong

    Larch spur extension to a branch?

    So i understand that tamarack (larix laricina) doesn't backbud and I think i have a pretty good grasp on general new growth management and budding, but what I'm interesting in are the "spurs" as i've seen them called and their ability to extend to create new branching. Given that the end of...
  2. K

    American Larch #1

    Hey, Just documenting my first American larch (Tamarack) progression. Bought from the flower market in Michigan in November of 2021. Replanted from a pond basket this spring into a pot from a small potter out of Virginia. Attached photos are pre-trim and pre-repot. Goals for the tree: Get...
  3. F

    Help Starting Out With an American Larch

    Hi everyone... I'll start out by saying I'm very new to bonsai and this forum. I live in Atlantic Canada, and just this afternoon I dug up this Larch. It is about 35cm tall and I would like to stop it from getting any taller, and ideally shorten it a little bit. Any tips are very welcome...
  4. S

    Eastern Larch, American Larch or Tamarack (Larix laricina)

    They are native to the western mountainous part of the state of Maryland. Does anyone know if one can survive and, hopefully, thrive in my eastern part of the state (USDA zone 7a/7b) at sea level? I would like to try one as bonsai.
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