1. Fukien Tea bonsai tree

    Fukien Tea bonsai tree

  2. AnutterBonsai

    Oolong and Bonsai book by Peter Warren

    Excited to start my journey with Peter Warren’s “Bonsai”. Small juniper I bought last year. While the growing season is going I’ll be enjoying my time with this resource and just enjoy the journey itself. Cheers!
  3. cockroach

    Shohin Fukien Tea

    I decided to repot my shohin Fukien Tea as it was no longer showing signs of thriving in its pot. Once, I removed the tree from the pot it was neither root bound or suffering from any root afflictions so I put it down to a poor soil mix it had been in for can't remember how long. After A...
  4. Bonsai Lemonade

    Questions about Fukien Tea

    Hi. I'm new to Bonsai, and I just got a Fukien Tea Bonsai 2 weeks ago. When I received it some of the leaves were a lighter (unhealthy-looking) greenish/yellow. I cut all the bad ones off (ended up being about 5 or 6) and now a bunch of new leaves are growing! I water it when the soil gets...
  5. Fukien Tea Tree 34 years old

    Fukien Tea Tree 34 years old

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