1. L

    Seedling cuttings technique question

    A while ago, I watched a YouTube video of Jonas Dupuich doing a seedling cutting technique on very young pines. My understanding is that this jumpstarts development of nice radial nebari. However, I’ve only seen mentions of people doing this technique with pines. Considering that development of...
  2. Bezalel Nebari

    Ebihara Board Technique and Drainage

    When placing a tree on a wooden board in order to train the roots "Ebihara style", has anyone had issues with water not draining well because the board has no holes in it? The water has to drain off the sides and I wonder if that has caused any issues for anyone
  3. Bonsai Noodles

    Has anyone ever attempted "daisugi" bonsai or niwaki?

    I've recently gotten into a rabbit hole of rare techniques for bonsai and niwaki. One thing I came across is "daisugi" (see image/link). Has anyone ever attempted such techniques? What species/cultivars do you think could possibly work for daisugi? Perhaps the Hinoki Cypress, but for (maybe...
  4. RileyJFDB13

    Wiring Left on Black Pine on purpose.

    Curious to what this technique is called, I have seen the end result of this technique and it looks great but I would like to know the name to further investigate it. To my knowledge I let the candles extend as long as possible every season until the wire is no longer visible. Hers some...
  5. ColinFraser

    Shimpaku Grafting Workshop, Sat. Feb 4th

    There are a few spots left, so I thought I'd share this in case any SoCal nuts might be interested ;) Saturday, February 4th, 11:00am - 3:00pm at California Bonsai Studio, 4015 N Moorpark Rd. In Thousand Oaks, CA. Lunch included. Learn insert grafting of Junipers with hands on instruction...
  6. Cypress187

    Youtube Bonsai Channels/Video's/Playlists

    Here is a collection of Youtube channels,playlists and video's I've collected, sorted on updates and quality for you! You can comment recommendations so I can add them, or give this resource a review. [Video's] Styling Juniper: Peter Warren - Ian's Juniper Juniper: Peter Warren - Phil's...
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