1. M

    Had my trees stolen last weekend.

    They took my big Fukien, my small bougie, sea grape,Azalea, the bigger bougie, a small shohin pomegranate, a rusty fig, and tiger bark ficus and my laurel oak.
  2. My bonsai collection got stolen

    My bonsai collection got stolen

    Can we share this post. Last night a couple of people stole my collection. Including a tree that my two year old picked out when he was a baby.
  3. Clicio

    Theft and insurance for bonsai

    A very good friend of mine, bonsaist for more than 20 years had his house broken in and ALL his bonsai trees, some more than 30 years old, were stolen. Police said they could not estimate the loss, as there was no price tag on the trees, and so... He lost 20 years of bonsai work and some beloved...
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