thuja occidentalis

  1. NeyensNeuro

    Thuja occidentalis from stock - cold tolerance

    Hi all! I'm a noobie here and 1 year into my bonsai adventure. I just bought an awesome white cedar, thuja occidentalis, from nursery stock and I was wondering if it is safe to leave outside for the remaining weeks of winter. It seems  really healthy as of today's date, and I would like to keep...
  2. MeDupree

    Thuja Occidentalis "Golden Globe" Progression 😅

    Hello Folks!! New here, brief intro...I've always admired bonsai but recently decided to go hands-on last Spring. I have collected a bunch of cheap material from different nurseries and garden centers mostly on discount due to different variables in relation to my newbie status and lack of...
  3. RhyleeRebecca

    Thuja grey cambium? Dying?

    Hey all, I have a ~8 - 10 year old thuja occidentalis (eastern white cedar) and recognize it’s quite hardy. This is my first cold season with this tree (I’m in southern Maine, zone 5) and I’ve been watering as needed when the soils drys. My concern is that the cambium is quite dull and it’s not...
  4. walawelo

    Thuja Occidentalis Dieback

    Hello Everyone, So I got a few flexiable dwarf Thuja Occidentalis for next to nothing with the intention of training myself on wiring and pruning bonsai confiers without snapping, breaking or destroying any nice expensive trees. The wiring went relatively well (one tree snaped and a couple got...
  5. boguz

    Air Layering Thuja

    Hello nuts My Thuja's base was good and it was too tall, so i air layered it. I used spaghnum moss and some cocopeat as layering medium, and also some rooting powder. It is first time i am air layering a conifer, so i hope it Works :)
  6. Fabledable

    Let's Style This Yamadori!

    I went out hunting early spring and picked up this great Thuja. Its survived the process and will be in recovery for the rest of this year, but I want to start thinking of design decisions. It has a wonderful base with a very interesting root coming off the left, that matches the movement of...
  7. Saddler

    Old Timey Cedar

    There is a tree I have seen pictures of in Yellow Stone National Park or some other famous US Park that is probably six feet across, the top is broken off and it's pretty weather beaten. I wish I could find a picture of it. That is the tree I am going for here. The front from different...
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