1. TwilightTrees

    Airlayering Juniper, Thuja, Cypress

    I want to experiment with airlayering a Thuja officinalis and some different Junipers, but I have no experience in that. I only had few airlayering results with deciduous trees. Anyone with advice on following questions: 1) Best time of the year for juniper airlayering? How long time is the...
  2. walawelo

    Thuja Occidentalis Dieback

    Hello Everyone, So I got a few flexiable dwarf Thuja Occidentalis for next to nothing with the intention of training myself on wiring and pruning bonsai confiers without snapping, breaking or destroying any nice expensive trees. The wiring went relatively well (one tree snaped and a couple got...
  3. boguz

    Air Layering Thuja

    Hello nuts My Thuja's base was good and it was too tall, so i air layered it. I used spaghnum moss and some cocopeat as layering medium, and also some rooting powder. It is first time i am air layering a conifer, so i hope it Works :)
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