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    Tiger bark ficus. This tree was established and bought from a local bonsai nursery.
  3. E

    Ficus Tiger Bark Styling

    Hi everyone, I am new, first post here! So, my experience with "bonsai" started a couple years ago with a classic mallsai "ginseng ficus" that ended up thriving really well in my apartment, with all right precautions (and no extra light in winter months, were they get quite quiescent). I indeed...
  4. Aaron S.

    Tiger Bark Ficus

    I was wondering if anyone has a source for tiger bark ficus. I have been trying to find a seedling or cutting but so far I can find only styled trees that cost a lot. In the late 1990's a local nursery had a real beautiful (It looks great if you could overlook the fact that it was planted in a...
  5. Ryan H

    New Year New Ficus - what to do

    Nuts Here’s my latest Ficus that was added to the collection a few months ago. I think I know what I want it to look like just having trouble on figuring out how to get there. The last two pictures are inspiration and goals. It is a multi trunk with one two inch trunk, the rest are small...
  6. Ryan H

    Tiger Ficus Cascade Progression

    Hey there nuts, I always really like when people post progression threads and keep them up. I also realized I haven't done one! I figured it'd start with this ficus trainer since I just worked on it recently. Plus ficus change quickly lol. Anyway this has been grown from a yearling now...
  7. MountainExplorer

    30 year old Bayan ficus.

    He'll all new to the group but I picked this 30 year old tiger bark ficus up for $70 bucks off a local guy that got hurt at work and desperately needed money that being said the tree was root bound to holy hell so I gave it a light prune and repotted it. I want to chop megee the top this coming...
  8. aframe

    Ficus Microcarpa aka Tiger Bark Ficus

    aka Ficus Retusa, aka... I purchased in 2014, but this is the earliest picture I have on 3/21/2015. This picture was taken about 3 weeks after defoliating. You can see all the wire marks from the previous owner, not a big deal; they should heal as the tree is grown out.
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