tiger bark ficus

  1. L

    Lorax7’s 2023-2026 ROR Contest Thread

    Just growing the roots out long first. I haven’t attached anything to a rock yet. (The bougainvillea in the first photo is not in the contest since it’s not in Rosacea or Moracea, although I am planning to ROR it also.)
  2. glass_shark

    My pride and joy ficus, about a year into training. any tips are appreciated!

  3. Apex37

    Ficus Work

    So these we’re my very first bonsai that I’ve been working on when I first started bonsai last year. Lots of work to go and made a few mistakes, but they’re better than nothing. I’ll try and stay on top of getting before and after photos, as I’ve come to realize I’m really bad at taking photos...
  4. PokeyBear83

    My Initiation Into Bonsai Noobcraft

    This is my Tiger Bark Ficus (Ficus Microcarpa) I am new so this is the plan. Water every Monday and Thursday, misting every morning around 7am. Feeding once a month on the first of the month with 8-10 pellets of biogold placed beneath the surface in spring and summer and once every 2 months...
  5. Apex37

    Styling Advice for Tiger Bark Ficus

    So little back story on this tree: This mallsai was originally gifted to me by my mother-in-law about 3 years back. I had a little interest in bonsai at the time, but definitely not seriously learning up or anything. Last year I started deciding to become serious with bonsai and after she...
  6. A

    Tiger Bark Yellowing leaves, black dots on leaves, drooping

    Hi! So I’ve had my tiger bark for about 5 months now and this is the first time I’m experiencing this excessive dropping and yellowing leaves. I’ve had a few yellow leaves in the past, like one or two, but I noticed recently that my tree has a lot of yellowing leaves and they have these little...
  7. Apex37

    Tiger Bark Ficus Cuttings Progression

    I took these cuttings from my very first bonsai that was gifted to me by my late mother-in-law. Lemme tell you, after she passed, the stress was real to take care of that tree. Luckily, ficus are crazy hardy as we all know, and even with me poorly overwintering it (due to ignorance before really...
  8. H

    Tiger Bark Ficus Loosing Leaves?

    Hi! I’m new to this group. I found it when searching for help… my small tiger bark bonsai (still in original planter and same moss) has been losing leaves. Now, I messaged the vendor who sold me the tree. He is a very reputable seller and cares for his plants very well so I felt confident in...
  9. JuniperSol

    I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is wrong with my Ficus

    I own eleven trees. All of them are doing well, prospering, growing, etc. BUT THIS FICUS DEAR GOSH! I only water when it needs, I have made sure it gets good light and not too much, it has been outside for weeks yet continues to lose foliage. I am out of ideas, help me Bonsai Nut, you're my only...
  10. Tiger


  11. 20181225_153944.jpg


    Tiger bark ficus. This tree was established and bought from a local bonsai nursery.
  12. E

    Ficus Tiger Bark Styling

    Hi everyone, I am new, first post here! So, my experience with "bonsai" started a couple years ago with a classic mallsai "ginseng ficus" that ended up thriving really well in my apartment, with all right precautions (and no extra light in winter months, were they get quite quiescent). I indeed...
  13. Aaron S.

    Tiger Bark Ficus

    I was wondering if anyone has a source for tiger bark ficus. I have been trying to find a seedling or cutting but so far I can find only styled trees that cost a lot. In the late 1990's a local nursery had a real beautiful (It looks great if you could overlook the fact that it was planted in a...
  14. Ryan H

    New Year New Ficus - what to do

    Nuts Here’s my latest Ficus that was added to the collection a few months ago. I think I know what I want it to look like just having trouble on figuring out how to get there. The last two pictures are inspiration and goals. It is a multi trunk with one two inch trunk, the rest are small...
  15. Ryan H

    Tiger Ficus Cascade Progression

    Hey there nuts, I always really like when people post progression threads and keep them up. I also realized I haven't done one! I figured it'd start with this ficus trainer since I just worked on it recently. Plus ficus change quickly lol. Anyway this has been grown from a yearling now...
  16. MountainExplorer

    30 year old Bayan ficus.

    He'll all new to the group but I picked this 30 year old tiger bark ficus up for $70 bucks off a local guy that got hurt at work and desperately needed money that being said the tree was root bound to holy hell so I gave it a light prune and repotted it. I want to chop megee the top this coming...
  17. aframe

    Ficus Microcarpa aka Tiger Bark Ficus

    aka Ficus Retusa, aka... I purchased in 2014, but this is the earliest picture I have on 3/21/2015. This picture was taken about 3 weeks after defoliating. You can see all the wire marks from the previous owner, not a big deal; they should heal as the tree is grown out.
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