1. Fishtank307

    Yamadori needle juniper

    I want to start sharing the progression of this large yamadori Tosho. I got it last year (for free!), from someone who bought it about 7 years, styled it, but then quit the hobby all together. She wanted this tree to be in good hands, rather than letting it die in her garden. When I got it, the...
  2. jriddell88

    Juniperus rigida Forrest Poll

    I received this beast 2 years ago and just let it grow and grow , I now have enough to start wiring some the secondary and propiatary branches down. Most of the main branches are growing slightly upwards unfortunately and just lacks in my eyes , I like the trees but it's boring ! Anyways These...
  3. J

    A tosho that could.

    Here is another Needle Juniper or Tosho. I got this from some older club members. This little tree has had been neglected and has had a hard time getting new growth. I got this tree about 3 months ago. With some regular water and some fertilizer I hope to get this tree going in the future. The...
  4. J

    Sei Boku workshop with Matt Reel.

    So i apologize for the lack of photos but this weekend Matt Reel was at my club show and he did a demo on saturday with a collected California Juniper. That one of my club members ended up winning. (IF ANY ONE GOT PIC OF THE SHOW OR OF THIS WEEKEND PLS SHARE) Sunday I got the chance to work on...
  5. Brian Van Fleet

    Literati Tosho

    I bought this needle juniper (Juniperus rigida) from Owen last December; as my annual "big tree buy". It was collected in Japan years ago and imported to the US at some point. I don't like working with trees that bite back, but I like Tosho. This rare find had a dynamic trunk, and nice ribbon...
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