1. A

    Japanese Maple Ground Layering or Tourniquet Advice

    Hello all, I'd like some advice on this tree. As you can see, there are 2 pretty bad inverse taper spots on the lower trunk. I was thinking of ground layering or using the tourniquet method on it to fix this and get a nice nebari at the same time. So a few questions. Where would you do this, I...
  2. JeffS73

    JeffS73 Belated 2018 JBP from seed thread

    I know this is a late entry but perhaps you will let it stand after reading! So I found this 6 yr JBP contest thread earlier this year, after I'd started some 2020 seedlings, but they're a different story. I started my first JBP seeds in 2018, and it wasn't an early start either: I planted...
  3. szelelaci

    Quercus cerris/Turkey oak ground layer

    Has anyone had success on ground layering or applying tourniquet on turkey oak? Is it possible to create a new nebari with theese methods, or one should try graft saplings on it, or cut windows on the bark and burry it, to fill the gaps between the roots?
  4. J

    Layering above graft - Senkaki

    Hi there! I just bought this awesome Japanese maple senkaki (or so the tag reads). It has an awesome shape with good growth on the lower part of the tree. I want to layer the trunk above the graft to produce nebari. And at the same time, removing the not so good looking graft. I've looked at...
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