training pots

  1. C

    Newly collected Oak

    Good Evening! I just wanted to share this new Oak! I got this from a family members property that has three different oak species, as well as other trees. This oak was carefully dug out of the ground and placed into a fairly large training box. I really like the way the trunk bends on it. the...
  2. Insect

    Pot making idea: ceramic tiles bonded together

    Being in need of 2-3 pots at the moment, I was thinking, and hope that your experience can be useful for the following plan. 1) Get ceramic tiles, split them to dimensions as panels for the 4 sides plusbottom 2) Split off triangular corners from bottom for drains 3) Bond the 5 pieces together...
  3. Fan Tan Fannie

    Plastic training pots

    Hello, I am thinking to train my newly purchased Japanese maple tree to improve the nebari when repotting next spring. I looked at the big box hardware stores and found these two inexpensive plastic plant saucers that might work as a wide shallow training pot. I would drill holes at the...
  4. C

    Cedar training boxes?

    So I found a great mulberry stump that I want to collect come the winter. I also would like to get my Japanese maple out of its nursery pot when the time comes. I see a lot of people beginning training from collected trees and nursery pots into cedar boxes. I understand that these boxes are...
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