1. C

    Cedar training boxes?

    So I found a great mulberry stump that I want to collect come the winter. I also would like to get my Japanese maple out of its nursery pot when the time comes. I see a lot of people beginning training from collected trees and nursery pots into cedar boxes. I understand that these boxes are...
  2. thumblessprimate1

    My Canine

    So I had been researching different dog breeds a while. I've asked some of you around about dogs and more. Checked out different breeders and dogs. I found something end of last year. I got myself a Belgian Malinois. I got a trainer experienced in the breed, and then I spent hundreds more in...
  3. ConorDash

    Training/Grow Pots

    Hello, I am currently looking to pots, which won't look good, just for training and allowing a tree to grow whilst doing some work on it, such as chop and grow or getting it back to health. I feel that the root work, to fit it in to a nice bonsai pot can come after all of that. I found mostly...