1. Carapace

    How to train/care for ponderosa pines???

    Hi guys, I just got a 2 yo ponderosa pine, I plan on making it a very tall literati and with what I've watched on youtube and read online about them, I understood that I shouldn't decandle them and. Does this mean that I shouldn't touch the candles at all or just that I need to cut them above a...
  2. Trojan Phil

    ISO Mentor, Sensei, Guru, Teacher . . .

    I have tried to learn and educate myself, but I am at the point where I need a guide. Someone who is willing to get together (monthly? Quarterly?), sit down and look at a tree together and work on it together and show me the answers to so many 'why' questions i have from the myriad of ways...
  3. Alaskanrocket

    Cascade parvifolia training progression

    Well there's no doubt that I still lack the vision for what I perceive should be the finished style. However, I have been working with this Elm and practicing clip and grow training with some wiring. Here are some progress pics. July when received After Trim in September Growth from...
  4. A

    Trees good for Colander training

    I wonder if anyone has had experience growing rosemary in a colander. I understand that they are fairly drought tolerant.
  5. Schmikah

    My new boxwood that needs some work. Any ideas?

    I just picked up this guy last Saturday from one of the guys at our local club (KBS). I picked it up cheap so I can live with it needing quite a bit of work. Obviously its been let go pretty much since it was collected, it was yard-adori according to the original owner. Obviously the roots are...
  6. Sharps Pygmy Japanese Maple - First Repotting - 4-1-2020.jpg

    Sharps Pygmy Japanese Maple - First Repotting - 4-1-2020.jpg

    First repotting of my new Sharp's Pygmy Japanese Maple. Ready for training in the Kaikou School of Bonsai.
  7. durmariet

    Fabian Stump Aralia bonsai

    Hi! I was given a Fabian Stump Aralia Bonsai as a gift. Upon looking it over I notice that at the end of several stump branches is some sort of black wax (?) It feels like wax. I was wondering if this will prevent it from sprouting any growth, because it seems to me that it is unbalanced. I...
  8. C

    Cedar training boxes?

    So I found a great mulberry stump that I want to collect come the winter. I also would like to get my Japanese maple out of its nursery pot when the time comes. I see a lot of people beginning training from collected trees and nursery pots into cedar boxes. I understand that these boxes are...
  9. thumblessprimate1

    My Canine

    So I had been researching different dog breeds a while. I've asked some of you around about dogs and more. Checked out different breeders and dogs. I found something end of last year. I got myself a Belgian Malinois. I got a trainer experienced in the breed, and then I spent hundreds more in...
  10. ConorDash

    Training/Grow Pots

    Hello, I am currently looking to pots, which won't look good, just for training and allowing a tree to grow whilst doing some work on it, such as chop and grow or getting it back to health. I feel that the root work, to fit it in to a nice bonsai pot can come after all of that. I found mostly...
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