1. S

    More azalea transplants

    The local fb site had an offer of some azaleas and gardenias. Can't pass up free trees, especially when they are already dug and just waiting to be picked up. Here are the plants I picked up. It's quite late in the season for azaleas here but one had double white flowers First step is to...
  2. TreeFrenKen

    Just dug up this Blue Jacaranda

    Any tips on care now that I have it in a pot? I used the soil it was growing in, for now. What soil/when should I replace it? What else should I do to it? Thank you all in advance
  3. S

    Collecting azaleas

    This thread in response to a request from @Deep Sea Diver for some documentation of transplanting azaleas. Feel free to add comments or other experiences. I have been involved in garden maintenance for a number of years. One client was a retirement village established in the 1970s. As part of...
  4. Ericanoel6

    Yoshino Cutting rooted - questions

    I’m surprised it has already rooted!! A transplant is imminent! I have had this beauty since early January. I took it out of dormancy last week. I just started giving it indirect sunlight outside for about 5 hours a day. I’m going to give it a week and then give it direct morning sunlight for...
  5. weetree3

    Transplanting Field Grown JBP

    I have been field growing a cork bark JBP for several years. It is 4"+ inches in diameter. I have the following questions: 1. what size root ball? 2. how much of the original soil should I remove around the roots? 3. Should I plant the pint in Boom's mix or go 100% pumice? 4. should I wait...
  6. C

    Cedar training boxes?

    So I found a great mulberry stump that I want to collect come the winter. I also would like to get my Japanese maple out of its nursery pot when the time comes. I see a lot of people beginning training from collected trees and nursery pots into cedar boxes. I understand that these boxes are...
  7. M

    Live oak bonsai

    During fall-winter 2016 I collected roughly 100-150 live oak acorns from a friends property located a short drive from the sierra national forest. I have been unable to determine the exact species of oak but so far the closest match is the Coast Live oak. Leaves have sharp pointed tips and the...
  8. Skrawl

    Japanese Maple

    Hello all, I have recently acquired a beautiful Japanese maple and given it's size I am hoping to soon transplant it into a smaller pot. I understand how to trim the roots properly, but am looking for a good mix to plant it in. I know that plain old potting soil is not what you want, but as...
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