1. V

    bringing used bonsai pots to USA

    I'm currently in Japan, traveling back to the US soon. I bought some bonsai pots that had been used before. I've cleaned them to the best of my ability with what I have here (which isn't much). Is US Customs going to give me a hard time and inspect every last speck of dirt and tell me they can't...
  2. Damart81

    Advice on how to travel with a newly collected yamadori bonsai while out of town

    I recently collected a bald cypress that is around 4ft tall with a chop, this was collected while I am currently out of town visiting a friend's property. I am not heading back home for another two weeks, but will be transporting the tree in my car. Due to space issues, I will have to lay it on...
  3. Clicio

    I really miss Omiya Bonsai Village. COVID is a frustration for travellers.

    First, for the trunks and dead wood. Then, for the trees. Ebihara's "Melted Nebari" maples. A joy to see! Yours truly having a great time. If you have the chance... Saitama is definitely worth some visits.
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