trident maple

  1. Grant Hamby

    Knobby Trident

    Just thought I'd start a thread on this trident I picked up on the FB auction. It's got some issues, but I'm excited to see where I can take it. The obvious issue is the lack of taper in the upper section. I've been searching for a new leader to cut back to. Here is my first idea...
  2. 10-brink

    small trident forest -styling help

    hi, looking for some advice for my trident maple forest. I'd like to keep it this general size and develop better branching. what should I trim? should i re-arrange the trees? four are in a line with one sitting behind. currrent front: back: here it is in leaf
  3. Shan Anand

    RoR Trident Maple [Rocky]

    I am so excited today after acquiring this RoR Trident Maple from a club member! My first pics after I got it back home!
  4. George Small

    Trident getting naked..

  5. hemmy

    Trident Chop Advice : This one got away from me a little

    Here's a trident that's been in the ground since spring 2014. I was envisioning a smaller tree (2-3" dia) with a more naturalistic canopy, but it's really starting to get top heavy where all the branches join. I probably should have removed a branch or 2 last year but was getting greedy on...
  6. GenBurnside

    Air layering a trident maple in the summer

    I'm hoping to air layer the top half of my trident maple, because the trunk is too tall, and want to see if I can get a "free" tree out of the trunk chop. It's just getting to the hot part of the summer in Georgia... Did I miss my window this year? Or can I go ahead and start the air layer in...
  7. ColinFraser

    Upgraded Trident Maple

    So I bought a Trident at the California Shohin Seminar last weekend (it's obviously not Shohin sized though). I'm excited about this tree and looking forward to working with it. I was impressed with the trunk's taper and movement, and despite some flaws, it's definitely one of the nicer pieces...
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