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    Help with Azalea Bonsai Trunk

    Hello, first time posting so I'm hoping I've posted to the right place. I have an azalea bonsai tree, not particularly sure what specific variety, that is about 5 years old. It seems to be in pretty good health and is flowering well but I want to try and make the trunk thicker. Does anyone...
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    Keeping a sacrificial branch for the winter or cut now?

    Good morning all! I have a wisteria bonsai (chinese, gonna be gorgeous and flowering either this coming year or next) that I'm training to be a semi cascade eventually. I'm brand new to bonsai, and this was actually my first tree purchase early this year! I bought it right before Texas got hit...
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    Big cuts on a new Yamadori

    Hi, I have recently collected this tree (2 days ago, it was now or never) from a forest near my grandads house. I have potted it up in a plastic pot with regular potting soil (all that I have available) and given it a deep watering. In the photos you can see where I have cut the tree in order to...
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    Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Nebari
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