trunk chop/ branch development

  1. Teacup bonsai

    Shohin trident progression

    Just wanted to start posting progress of my trident as I keep forgetting and then another year goes by and I can’t remember what it used to look like. I’ll post each progress photo I do have separately. Tree roughly as I got it summer 2020 as pre bonsai from Bonsai West: Potted it up to a...
  2. raffaelbaer

    development plan for larch bonsai

    Hello everyone, So I want to develop a larch bonsai similar to this one: My main question was what route I should go along for creating this tree: Plan 1: - Let the main stem / main shoot grow until sufficient thickness of the first part of the trunk, then cut it and wire up a new leader...
  3. bonsai_bingo

    [First Post] Design Feedback on Tropicals -- Time to CUT?

    Hello my fellow Nuts This is my first post, I've been reading and learning from the forum for about 2 years now. I think I've covered all the rookie mistakes 😅 (my grow zone is updated and I have pictures). I'm new to Bonsai as well, I was suckered into a kit back in 2018 (one still lives) and...
  4. p_anova

    Ugly acer needs help! Trunk chop or root graft

    Hello all. I actually bought this guy for my mom on Mother's day maybe 10 years ago from the DC Arboretum convention. She put it in a pot and just left it. After years of neglect, she gave it back to me and I am trying to sort it out. No real nebari to speak of and the branching has tons of...
  5. p_anova

    Height Reduction Blue Atlas Cedar

    Would now be ok to do a top chop on a Blue Atlas Cedar? It was de-burlapped and bonsai soiled early last year and has shown no signs of oll effect.
  6. Jupiter

    New bougainvillea, lots of questions

    Hey guys, so I have recently added a Bougainvillea to my collection. It is only a couple years old right now and because I live in canada, it will be spending its current time indoors until the night temp rises to about 15 degrees. It has some good growth at the top but it is heavily on one side...
  7. J

    Lets Play - Bonsai Nut Styles My Zelkova!

    Hey BNutters, recently the trunk chop on my chinese elm finally budded. I set an initial leader but since I can't decide on what I want to do with all the extra budding, I decided to let bonsai nut make the choice for me! You can submit any changes or styles you'd like to see it in and vote on...
  8. Occidentalbonsai

    Jbp styling advice

    Hello bonsai nuts! This is my first post and I’d love for some ideas on how to style this jbp. It’s around 25 years old or so and my main concern is that the trunk has little to no movement. There are probably a few options and while I have my own ideas on what to do, I’d love any suggestions...
  9. Aldingbonsai

    Field Maple Advice

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a bit of advice with a field maple (Acer campestre) I am currently ground growing. The tree is tall and straight, with the beginning of a good nebari. The trunk diameter is roughly 2.5"/6.5cm. The first picture shows what I think is the best front, with several...
  10. C

    Branch Growth

    Hi, Im sorry if i am posting this in the wrong part of the forum. I was new to Bonsai around June last year when i got my first one. I believe its a ficus but i am not 100% sure as it was a present. Over the winter (i live in England) it started to really struggle and part of it died, i have...
  11. I

    Suggestions for coral bark maple

    I’ve been an amateur bonsai enthusiast for the past five years, still yet to come out with a decent looking tree.I was gifted this coral bark maple that was probably 5 feet tall when I received it, I made one trunk chop do you decrease the size of the tree, any suggestions on what I should do...
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