trunk chop/ branch development

  1. Occidentalbonsai

    Jbp styling advice

    Hello bonsai nuts! This is my first post and I’d love for some ideas on how to style this jbp. It’s around 25 years old or so and my main concern is that the trunk has little to no movement. There are probably a few options and while I have my own ideas on what to do, I’d love any suggestions...
  2. Aldingbonsai

    Field Maple Advice

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a bit of advice with a field maple (Acer campestre) I am currently ground growing. The tree is tall and straight, with the beginning of a good nebari. The trunk diameter is roughly 2.5"/6.5cm. The first picture shows what I think is the best front, with several...
  3. C

    Branch Growth

    Hi, Im sorry if i am posting this in the wrong part of the forum. I was new to Bonsai around June last year when i got my first one. I believe its a ficus but i am not 100% sure as it was a present. Over the winter (i live in England) it started to really struggle and part of it died, i have...
  4. I

    Suggestions for coral bark maple

    I’ve been an amateur bonsai enthusiast for the past five years, still yet to come out with a decent looking tree.I was gifted this coral bark maple that was probably 5 feet tall when I received it, I made one trunk chop do you decrease the size of the tree, any suggestions on what I should do...
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