trunk thickening

  1. Ishaan

    Young Ficus leaf size reduction?

    I recently wired this young F. Benjamina and I’m quite proud of it! However, at the moment the leaves are disproportionately large and the trunk quite thin. What would be the best course of action to correct this?
  2. Damart81

    Brazilian Rain Tree and Sacrificial Branches

    I have this BRT that I have been letting grow unrestricted. I want to try and grow the trunk for a couple of years. Was thinking of pruning down to one sacrificial branch and letting that one grow unrestricted. I saw Wigerts do one with a massive sacrificial branch as seen below. Anybody have...
  3. Jupiter

    How exactly is a trunk like this formed?

    Hey guys, I have seen many very nice trees with trunks such as the one in the attached photo. What are the general methods for creating these? I am assuming this isn't the usual trunk chop or cut and grow method. Any insight is as always very much appreciated!
  4. swatchpost

    Soil for large grow boxes

    Hello All— I was planning on buying a couple of large grow boxes for some trees to thicken trunks for 5 -10 years. What type of soil should I use? Regular well-draining bonsai soil fitting to the species? Or something more organic like one would find if you just planted the trees in the...
  5. D

    Ficus Carica Trunk Thickening

    Hey! I bought a ficus carica (around a foot and a half tall) from the garden center. I want to turn it into a bonsai! :D My understanding is that I should keep it in a nursery pot for a while so I can thicken the trunk, then replant it in a training pot. What is the best way to go about...
  6. Clicio

    Exercising trees --》Thicker trunks

    Even being aware that wind produces tiny cracks on lower trunks, leading to stronger and thicker bases, I just watched a video where the author proposes "exercising" bonsai in training, both in pots or in the ground, by shaking them (in fact rocking the trees back and forth) periodically to...
  7. P

    Thickening trunk of young Chinese elm

    I have a Chinese elm that I got from a bonsai nursery in FL last fall. I have managed to keep it alive thus far, but now I am contemplating my next step. Given that I have just moved from Northern FL to OH, I don’t want to stress him out too much, so I need advice on the following: 1.) I think...
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