ulmus parvifolia hokkaido

  1. Live2explore

    My Hokkaido elm.

    I’m pretty new to bonsai, have Experience with plants and “full” size trees from growing food to landscaping and lawn care. I have about 6 bonsai and I just picked up this old elm ( nursery estimated it around 100years old) for a great price, they said it has been declining over the last few...
  2. BurgerTimez

    New owner of small ulmus parvifolia hokkaido - I have no experience, looking for resources

    Hi all - I have always been interested in bonsai, but planned to research it a bit before I jumped in. Well, I went with a friend to a huge bonsai nursery here in Sonoma County, CA and couldn't resisit picking up a ulmus parvifolia hokkaido to take home. I have nearly zero knowledge, so my goal...
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