1. W

    Beginner styling advice (premna microphylla)

    Hello BonsaiNut, I'm a totally beginner, in fact this is my first tree and I never style any bonsai tree. I got this tree from nursery about 5 months ago, move it into a pot and leave it to grow there. All I do since then is light pruning only the branch that grow big leaves. Now the trunk...
  2. NoobKing

    Noob tries to Bonsai : How do I start? (Cherry Blossoms)

    Hello kind Bonsai nerds of the internet! I have came across this beautiful hobby and am interested in trying it out. Currently I have my eyes set on growing a Cherry Blossom Bonsai, because I think they look really nice. I was wondering if anyone could help me get started and point me in the...
  3. Bigmanryan

    What to do with my Cherry (Prunus serrulata)

    Hi i'm quite new to bonsai and decided to get started this spring. My plan is so far buying some (what i think) are nice-looking nursery stocks that I deem to have some potential and then starting my journey from there. The specific tree I brought home is a Prunus serrulata which I've read...
  4. K

    Best beginning Bonsai recommendations

    Hey guys...so to preface...I suck at bonsai lol...trying my hand at it again and was wondering who has some good recommendations for a good beginning bonsai, one that won’t die too easily if I mess up. I currently have a basic little juniper ( you know those cheap ones at the store, my wife...
  5. Celeste

    Failing Ficus

    I started my thread in the chinese elms...but my tree was quickly identified as a ficus (and then of course I remembered that was indeed the correct name). I'm about as beginner as it gets...can you tell? The Elm peoples have been incredibly helpful (see original thread...
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