1. Bigmanryan

    What to do with my Cherry (Prunus serrulata)

    Hi i'm quite new to bonsai and decided to get started this spring. My plan is so far buying some (what i think) are nice-looking nursery stocks that I deem to have some potential and then starting my journey from there. The specific tree I brought home is a Prunus serrulata which I've read...
  2. K

    Best beginning Bonsai recommendations

    Hey guys...so to preface...I suck at bonsai lol...trying my hand at it again and was wondering who has some good recommendations for a good beginning bonsai, one that won’t die too easily if I mess up. I currently have a basic little juniper ( you know those cheap ones at the store, my wife...
  3. Celeste

    Failing Ficus

    I started my thread in the chinese elms...but my tree was quickly identified as a ficus (and then of course I remembered that was indeed the correct name). I'm about as beginner as it gets...can you tell? The Elm peoples have been incredibly helpful (see original thread...
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