1. R

    Ficus leaves turning brown

    Hi! I am pretty new to ficus bonsai (and to plants in general). It's leaves started turning brown, drying and falling off. The first pic is from 30 sept, the second one from 3rd oct and the last one from today (so you can see the evolution). I water it once a week until the soil is hydrated and...
  2. Peter.Constantine325

    Help! Will My Baby Die?

    I have a grow tent with a fan pointed at the canopy of my new tree. It oscillates, so it’s getting air every few seconds. This is all good since it will help with mold and the like. But it dries the soil out faster I think? I just checked the soil now with a toothpick, and it was very dry. I...
  3. hiddengreenhouse

    Need Help Saving My Chinese Elm

    Hello, I am new to bonsai and was gifted a Chinese Elm back in May. I am living in the DC area and do not have anywhere outdoors to keep it, so it has been fully inside for the last 5 or so months. For the first 4+ months I kept it in a window that got moderate sunlight with a growth light on...
  4. A

    Korean Hornbeam Sun Damage or Underwatering?

    Yesterday I noticed the leaves on my Korean Hornbeam having crinkled up a bit. I have not been protecting it from the sun and it gets full sun from midday to the evening. It was relatively hot yesterday for San Francisco, but still only 72 F at the hottest. I am putting together a shade and wind...
  5. D

    Help! Overwatered maple?

    I recently got an unwanted Japanese maple from a garden. I dug it up before the buds started swelling in spring. I heavily pruned and washed the roots. I potted it up in a holed basket (with lots of drainage holes on the bottom too) in pure attapulgite (cat litter). I placed lots of sphagnum...
  6. Ujjawal Roy

    To water or not to water....?

    Hi everyone on this site. Needed your help with watering my plants. My soil composition is crushed clay pots + perlite and some amount of organic additives. Watering a plants (pre bonsai) depends on numerous factors and I understand that very well but I want to know what is that one thing that...
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