1. ToastyWrench

    Olive tree mystery disease

    Hello! New to the forum and greatly hoping I can get some feedback on this. So as some general info I’m in the Midwest 6a and was recently gifted a very interesting olive tree fragment/stump. being in zone 6a I’ve got temperatures well below freezing for extended amounts of time so the olive has...
  2. R

    Is this unhealthy?

    I can’t tell if this is unhealthy? 1st photo (with my hand) seems a bit more brown and there hasn’t been too much growth over this season. 2nd better growth and seems healthier? I’ve also noticed sap on the floor around the tree?
  3. J

    Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai with Black Spotted Trunk? (And bugs!)

    Hello again all. A week or so ago I decided to purchase a Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai via amazon, through Brussel's Bonsai. The reviews were mixed, and some had mentioned seeing bugs on their plants. (I only read them after I'd purchased, unfortunately) Mine was delivered today, and I decided to...
  4. L

    Help identify!

    I watered my plant today and noticed it was browning. I have been told this is a bonsai but I am not sure what kind. I was also wondering if it is healthy? Please help!
  5. E

    Dying white pine bonsai. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I am really worried. I bought this white pine bonsai online (cant even find now which website) as a Christmas present for my husband. It arrived at mid December, when I got it out of the box, needles looked very dry and easily brealing off. But initially I thought it suffered a bit...
  6. B

    Need help diagnosing

    hi, I am new to bonsai and I have some questions. My tree (series's) was purchased one month ago. After 2 weeks, leaves fell off. Now, remaining leaves/new growth are browning from the tips in. Am I over/under watering? Or is it more likely the nursery potted it in standard gardening soil?
  7. E

    my poor bonsai

    Attatched is my tree about a year ago when I bought it. Its been very healthy up until this weather change. I don't keep it outside because of how chilly it is, but it stays in the window and is watered when the soil feels dry. Within the past month since it's gotten colder my poor little...
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