urban yamadori

  1. SU2

    So just chopped&potted my 1st *large* Podocarpus yamadori (many pics in-thread!), hoping for any advice on aftercare!!

    I was driving-home when I spotted it, these are VERY hard to find I've been seeking one for half a decade now w/o luck, seems it was ~an hour of being curbside the rootball's edge was dry but interior still had some moisture, was a good size: I chopped the top&bottom, leaving some...
  2. Rivka

    Rivka's Azalea 2020-2025 Contest Entry

    Been dragging my feet starting this entry, though following the contest since last winter and documenting my process, life, covid, and family being what it was, I half expected my entire collection to up and revolt. Well, my first Azalea I collected, lovingly by hand in March, did precisely that...
  3. H

    Urban yamadori: San Jose topiary, i think.

    I obtained two 3-tier topiary, 5-feet tall, this morning from a home in Poway, CA. They had already been pulled out of the ground and had plenty of roots surrounded by wet soil. The owner had apparently pulled them out two days ago. I hope they survive. I believe they are San Jose junipers...
  4. J

    Time Sensitive Collecting

    Hello everyone, I have been developing bonsai for a few years now but only with nursery stock, no yamadori, collecting... Now my aunt's house has gotten quite overgrown the last few years and while looking over the property I noticed a few good candidates for collection. The issue is that this...
  5. Gsquared

    Pretty little zelkova

    This little zelkova was a volunteer growing in a median. This baby looks to be about 2 years old. The roots were decent, and distributed somewhat evenly. What appealed was the nice straight trunk and the graceful flare at the base. It is about 1.5” at the base and 3/4” a few inches up the trunk...
  6. Gsquared

    "Urban Yamadori" Berberis

    A church near me was ripping out a parking lot and this big berberis was over on the cast off debris pile. It had been mostly covered in dirt, but I wrapped it in plastic and took it home. The few roots that were left looked fairly strong, so I potted it up an am keeping my fingers crossed that...
  7. fviljoen963

    Roadside elm..

    It was growing way more upright and had burnt back a few times The plan is for a semi cascade and a very hollow spooky looking trunk. I havent quite figured out the details yet.. I'm open minded to suggestions unless you're going to suggest I make it into a sumo shohin HAHAHA Oh and the tree...
  8. Saddler

    Lawnmower Mamed Cotoneaster

    I am hoping this tree is eligible for the mame contest. I was going to wait to start a thread for this tree but I cant figure out how to send pictures in conversations here, so this is my work around. The story behind it is my cousin ran over this (now) little guy with a sit down lawn mower...
  9. Saddler

    I Dug Up An Urban Yamadori And It Has Orange Jelly Growing In It.

    Is this bad? Ive never seen it before. When I rub it off it looks like it has been eating the bark. Do I burn the tree?
  10. parhamr

    The Portland area free urban-dori thread

    Starting with this—privet, lilac, and two crabapples: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/zip/6041021850.html (I’m tempted by the privet) Please add what you’re aware of to this thread (if you want to share).
  11. RileyJFDB13

    Rosemary Repoting, Is it possible??

    From everything I have read everywhere the general consensus is that its darn near impossible to repot a rosemary or cut off thick roots without loosing the plant. This is extremely unfortunate as they have amazing trunks and live veins when very old. But in saying this there has to be a...
  12. D

    Need help with some oaks

    I dug several native oaks (I live in N. Michigan) yesterday b/c they were free and going to be destroyed due to construction. Nice trees, good taper and root spreads, but I'm concerned about keeping them alive given that they were dug in August. I don't have much experience with oaks. Should...
  13. S

    Quince, when should I collect from my yard?

    A small but at least seven year old quince has been growing on the border of my yard. I do not know whether it is Japanese or Chinese or what species or variety. It was on the property when we bought our house seven years ago. I did not notice it for the first few years until I saw it...
  14. ColinFraser

    Digging a Large Pomegranate

    OK Nuts, I will have an opportunity to collect a Pomegranate tree from a friend's property in the next week or so. I've had some success with other species and landscape collection, but I've never dug a Pom before. If you have any tips or tricks, I'm all ears. I know they're hardy, and my...
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